"Bring Your Lunch" - Content GVA Meet Up

We're back and testing a new format, the lunch meet up. 

On Sept 21, join us with your sandwich or salad (or any other kind of food you're lunching with) to a couple of presentation and an open discussion on the topics of the presentation. 

In terms of presentation, we are looking for 

- a presentation on native advertising / branded content, to be followed by a discussion on those types of content and their optimal usage. 

- a presentation on the latest trend in VR, from mobile apps to what would then be trending on Pokemon Go, with a live test session afterwards. 

Event is free, please bring your own food. Drinks, coffees and teas are provided.  

Meeting please is AllTheContent HQ', on the terrace. If it rains, we will go the meeting room.  

Quand ? 21/09/2016
Terminé !
Quelle heure ? 12h00

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